2022 Honda Civic Revealed: This Is It

Honda has finally revealed the 2022 Honda Civic which means the 10th generation version of the iconic sedan will soon be sailing into the sunset. And it’s about time too – the 10th gen variant of the long-running line first debuted in 2016, which feels like a lifetime ago.

After endless rumors and speculation, the Japanese automaker Honda has finally dropped some official details about the next-generation Honda Civic. Although more details will be released on April 28, 2021, the Japanese car manufacturer has already given us a look at the upcoming model. Take a look at what Honda had to say about it:

“The new face of the Civic features a clean and sophisticated look, emphasizing a low and wide stature with strong horizontal elements, including offsetting the upright grille below the headlights. In profile, the Civic’s greenhouse is moved rearward on the body, elongating the hood for a more premium side view. The sharp horizontal shoulder, or C-line, carves a gentle arc from the front fender to the taillights, lending continuity to the overall design, while the upswept R-line carries through the rear fenders to the rear reflectors, adding a feeling of motion even when standing still. In the rear, the wider track of the Civic is complemented by new taillights that emphasize width and on-road stability, and a playfully upswept yet aerodynamically efficient trailing edge to the trunk lid.”

2022 Honda Civic Revealed2022 Honda Civic Revealed

Looking at the photos, it’s apparent that a lot has changed. No more of that childlike, gundam-looking design. The new Civic has matured in looks. The new design puts the Civic in line design-wise with its bigger, more luxurious sibling, the Accord.  The Civic looks aggressive, yet refined – sporty yet elegant. 

Again, Honda didn’t release too much details, but it’s safe to say that the current turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder engine will carry over to the next generation. It will be mated to the same CVT transmission, and of course, it will remain solely a front-wheel-drive car. Bear in mind that it will be an all-new model, so expect a totally different interior. Features should be more or less the same – for now we’ll have to wait until more official details are out.

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