The All-New Toyota Alphard Might Come To PH Soon

The All-New Toyota Alphard Might Come To PH Soon

Perennially known as the rich family’s transport, the Toyota Alphard is finally receiving an all-new version that might just make its way to the PH. Praised by the brand to be the deliverer of the “joy of comfortable mobility,” let’s look through the info about the vehicle based on information released internationally.

Based on its exterior styling, we can still definitely recognize the influences of the previous iteration on this new one. It still looks every part the VIP cruiser it was, just modernized for the model year to come. The sleek lines somehow remind us of the current-generation Lexus LM, which has us wondering how bold the next one will be in terms of styling.

According to Toyota, the theme here was “Forceful x IMPACT LUXURY,” much like a “fighting bull in full charge.” It undoubtedly exudes what the cutting-edge is meant to represent in this segment, with aggressive body lines and jagged edges everywhere. Moreover, its overall size is engineered to fit automated parking systems of up to 5,000mm in length and 1,850mm in width. This all-new Toyota Alphard can be easily maneuvered through the tight roads of the PH.

Meanwhile, the interior was supposedly crafted with hospitality in mind. We don’t doubt this as the previous-generation Toyota Alphard felt like a first-class flight, even on our country’s worst roads. The focus of this upcoming iteration is to increase the sense of space in the cabin to provide more breathability. The brand even claims an additional 5 and 10mm of legroom for the second and third-row seats respectively. This effect is achieved through smarter use of cabin space, as well as the expansive windows that give passengers a great view of what’s outside.

But it’s not only spacious – the amenities are top-notch as well. This “super-long overhead console” now combines everything you need, all-in-one. This is an improvement over the previous generation wherein all the controls were in different locations, forcing passengers to move and stretch out to reach them. With these so conveniently located right above the passengers, it’s sure to increase comfort in daily use. The signature ambient lighting will take care of setting the mood for the passengers inside.

Special types of privacy window shades have also been installed. These can shut out the outside world temporarily to act as a luxurious, peaceful cocoon.

The Toyota Alphard, including the model coming to the PH, will carry a 2.5-liter inline-four powerplant with a system output of 250PS. It won’t struggle going wherever you need it to go, and we’re sure that the brand has maintained the same comfortable silence as they have in the previous model. A hybrid variant also exists, with that variant achieving an advertised fuel economy of 16.5 kilometers per liter.

The overall platform also now provides 50% more rigidity over previous models by optimizing the use of structural adhesives. Road and wind noise, meanwhile, are significantly reduced courtesy of low-noise tires, sound absorbers, and aerodynamic adjustments. Toyota mentions riding in this Alphard will be akin to “being in a forest.” We’re looking forward to testing that out specifically.

Passenger comfort is also assured by MacPherson strut front suspension with an updated double wishbone rear suspension. Cabin vibrations have been stated to be lowered by 30%, a number we’ll have to personally test in real life as well.

So the thing is, would you get the new Toyota Alphard if it came to the PH? Let us know!





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