Toyota Land Cruiser For Vaccine Delivery: Why This Legend Is WHO’s Choice

Toyota Land Cruiser For Vaccine Delivery: Why This Legend Is WHO’s Choice

With the Philippine’s vaccination efforts against COVID-19 on the way, one of the major challenges the country is facing (and really any country with remote, mountainous, jungle-filled areas) is how to get vaccines to secluded parts of the population. Roads to areas in the mountain provinces, for example, aren’t ideal for normal vehicles, with many places being inaccessible even with helicopters. What do you do? You call in the Toyota Land Cruiser, the perfect vehicle for vaccine delivery.

a brilliant way to vaccinate a remote area

This is the legendary 78-series Land Cruiser from Toyota. The car that gearheads respect for its utter reliability and serious off-road capability. Based on a 70-Series Land Cruiser, it is a hardtop and wagon body style with plenty of room in the back. It fittingly carries the CF850 vaccine refrigerator made by B Medical systems that keeps the vaccines viable throughout the whole journey. The refrigeration unit can run for 16 hours on its internal battery power alone. The battery can also charge from the vehicle while it is running, or plug into an external power source for a top-up. It is indeed the perfect vaccine hauler. Toyota’s Customizing & Development Co. subsidiary carries out the conversion.



Unlike the refrigeration system, the base car remains basic. It doesn’t have the tech and stuff of a modern-day Land Cruiser, not even a Fortuner. And that’s ok, because the rugged Toyota Land Cruiser is made to go from point A to point B, even if there are no roads in between, making it perfect for vaccine delivery in remote areas. The 70-land cruiser has nothing left to prove, having been a staple of many humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and armed forces all around the globe for decades. Don’t be fooled by the classic, utilitarian design, it’s rightly equipped to be one of the few vehicles that meet the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Hopefully, the Philippines will have a fleet of these Land Cruisers as well. It can get vaccines delivered to those in need no matter where they’re located.

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