Here’s Why You Should Only Purchase Authentic Seagate Drives 

Because peace of mind is important when it comes to your data. 

 Seagate is arguably the biggest manufacturer of hard drives in the world. With so many dealers and retailers selling Seagate drives, it’s always important that you purchase authentic Seagate drives.  

 Authentic Seagate drives are usually identified by a “Guaranteed Original” Hologram sticker on the packaging. This sticker assures you that the Seagate drive you purchased has passed through stringent testing and QA before being sold in the market. 

Aside from the hologram sticker, each drive has a QR code and unique serial that you can verify with Seagate through their website. To ensure that you purchased a genuine Seagate drive, it is best to get them through straight from authorized partners. 

There are many benefits in buying an authentic Seagate drive. For starters, Seagate gives up to 5 years warranty on its drives, giving you peace of mind should you encounter any problem. For those who purchased IronWolf Pro drives, Seagate has a Rescue Data Recovery Service (valid for two years) in case a drive failure occurs and you need to retrieve your data. 

Always remember: do not just settle for Seagate drives that are sold lower than retail. Buying authentic Seagate drives assures you of peace of mind and security with your data. 

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