Sony EXTRA BASS Churns Out Heart Thumpin’ Beats

Sony EXTRA BASS Churns Out Heart Thumpin’ Beats

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We wrote about Sony’s line that gives you high-resolution wireless options on the go and here’s more from the company’s audio line-up that will have you moving to the beat. The newest additions expand their EXTRA BASS line that include: a wireless, water resistant speaker, wireless headphones, and a one box high power audio system to get the party started.

GTK-XB7 One Box High Power Audio System

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The XB7 has two large 16cm woofers that can turn a regular barkada hangout into a club experience with its power and low frequenct response. This audio system uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that help your tunes feel even more powerful, with deep, punchy bass that’s perfect if you and your friends are into EDM. Want even more power? Hook up another XB7 to your setup via Bluetooth to double up on that EXTRA BASS.

Devices connect seamlessly via Bluetooth or NFC and can be used along side Sony’s SongPal App. Not into that? There’s also an Audio-In port should you choose old school plus a USB to charge your phone if you’re running low on juice.

SRS-XB3 Portable Wireless Speakers

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Take your beats with you and use the XB3 portable speakers. They’re prefect for this time of the year or if you’re just worried about spilling something on your device. The XB3 has an IPX5 water resistance rating making it safe if you happen to get caught in the rain or if you happen to knock over a glass  of water on the table.

As for its sound, the XB3 has a 48mm full range speaker unit with DSP. It weighs in at 930 grams, easily slips into a bag, and has a battery that can last up to 24 hours making it easy to bring along. Just like the XB7, you can hook multiple XB3s together to amp up your listening experience and connect to it via Bluetooth, NFC, and through an Audio-In port.

MDR-XB650BT Headphones

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Rounding out the latest additions to the EXTRA BASS line, are a pair of wireless headphones equipped with a 30mm driver, an incorporated bass boost structure, and a dedicated EXTRA BASS diaphragm. These headphones will have you bobbing your head to the beats even if you get stuck in horrendoes traffic with the deep bass notes and a battery that can last up to 30 hours.

Just like the two other products, you can connect to the XB650BT via Bluetooth or NFC.

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The GTK-XB7 and the SRS-XB3 are slated for a Q3 release so check Sony Centers of Egghead Outlets for their availability. The MDR-XB650BT is already out an priced at Php 6,499.

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