Starmobile Partners with A1 Driving School

Starmobile Partners with A1 Driving School

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Starmobile just announced that it has partnered up with the country’s premiere driving school, A1. With the partnership in place, both companies aim to bring driver’s education to a whole new level by incorporating mobile technology into its driver’s ed programs. A1 students will start to see Starmobile devices such as: the Engage 10 Pro and the Starmobile UP Max while taking their driving lessons. The two companies will also collaborate on educational content to teach road safety and courtesy, along with the responsible use of mobile technology while on the road.

Starmobile Product Development Head, Michael Chen had this to say about their partnership:

We are happy to offer our devices to help A-1 in their mission to create not just skilled, but disciplined drivers,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “We believe that we can move closer in making our dream of having better roads a reality by becoming better drivers.

The Starmobile devices can also help both instructors and students by easily providing personalized programs to help with trouble spots.

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