Skyway Stage 3 Speed Limit Pegged At 60 KM/H

Ramon Ang explains why

Dreaming of ripping through the Skyway Stage 3 in your luxury sedan/sports car? Not so fast – contrary to popular belief, the Skyway Stage 3 has a speed limit, and it’s currently being enforced by radar guns and Skyway patrols.

Skyway Stage 3 Speed Limit Stays at 60 kph
Photo from Ron Hu

Before you live out your Shuto Line fantasies on the Skyway Stage 3, know that the speed limit for the newly constructed bridge between north and south expressways is currently set at 60 km/h.

While 60 km/h sounds glacially slow for anyone who ever driven on an expressway, San Miguel Corporation president Ramon S. Ang has a straightforward answer to why the speed limit is the way it is. 

Apparently, the new skyway extension will be following a variable direction lane scheme. This scheme would mean adjustable lanes, which will be decided based on traffic direction and flow- heavy traffic in the morning going towards south, and heavy traffic in the late afternoon to early night going away from the south. 

Following this scheme would therefore restrict the developers in placing fixed concrete dividers along the center island as is usually done in the expressways here in the country. Replacing these concrete dividers would be movable dividers. As such, it would be very dangerous because the direction and flow of cars would not stay the same permanently.

As a car enthusiast himself, Mr. Ramon Ang understands the need for speed of others like him. However, he stated that “There’s nothing wrong with 60 kph. You will still get to your destination a lot faster. What will you do with higher speeds? Race? If you want to race, take it to the track in Clark.”

This is a very reasonable rule considering the fact that we would already be saving hours of our lives from the hassle and stress of traffic. There is absolutely zero need to rush and risk our safety and those around us. The 60 kph Skyway Stage 3 speed limit is there for a reason.

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