The Wonders of Upgrading your Home Internet with WiFi 6 Mesh

The Wonders of Upgrading your Home Internet with WiFi 6 Mesh

Picture this: you’re in a sweaty lobby with three of your best friends. You’ve managed to work your way into the top 16 in Warzone. One team foolishly runs out in the open – easy pickings. You take aim and then boom – you’re hit with a massive lag spike, and 5 seconds later, your four-man get wiped by the team you thought was an easy kill. And while you don’t know it, these are signs that you need to take a look at your home’s connectivity network setup.

If you’ve been getting brutal lag spikes when you’re playing online on your PC, PS5, or even on your mobile phone, chances are you’re due for an upgrade. We’re not talking about a faster plan or even a new internet provider, mind you – we’re talking about upgrading your home network to bring it into the future.

See, there’s a good chance that what’s holding you back when you play online isn’t your provider – it’s the fact that your standard-issue broadband modem is unable to supply strong, reliable WiFi to certain areas in your home, giving you WiFi dead spots.

Available via PLDT Home, the WiFi 6-powered TP-Link Deco X55 perfectly complements your Fiber-fast connection especially given today’s digital lifestyle.

Oftentimes, ordinary fiber modems are unable to deliver a consistently strong WiFi signal across entire homes, especially if the area is more than 70sqms wide, spans multiple floors, and has multiple rooms and thick walls. This concern can be easily addressed if you complement your broadband router with a powerful WiFi 6 Mesh System. A WiFi Mesh system eliminates this problem as it ensures strong WiFi is delivered to rooms or areas where the mesh units are strategically placed.

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WiFi 6 Mesh is the perfect complement to a fiber-fast connection especially given today’s digital lifestyle. Now almost every single person in the household has a phone, and chances are that there are several other always-on, internet-connected devices in your house including smart TVs, CCTVs, and whatnot. WiFi 6 Mesh is built to support all of that, allowing 4K streaming and lag- and stutter-free gaming. It even supports the hi-tech stuff such as the Meta Quest 3 VR headsets. But don’t forget that you need a WiFi 6-enabled end-device to experience WiFi 6 speeds and other WiFi 6 features.

Delivering a consistently strong WiFi signal across homes especially with thick walls and multiple floors and rooms can be easily solved with the WiFi 6-powered TP-Link Deco X55. The units come as an add-on to your PLDT Home Fiber plan.


Thus, upgrading to a WiFi 6 Mesh router like the all-new TP-Link Deco X55 is the easiest way to level up both WiFi speeds and overall range, as well as improving overall latency and ping, especially for houses and apartments that have more than one room. Available via PLDT Home, the TP-Link Deco X55 can provide a stronger, more powerful WiFi signal compared to WiFi 5. What’s even better is that you can quickly add another mesh-capable router or extender to your network without having to run another ethernet cable to it, instantly expanding WiFi coverage to places in your house that need it. If you live in a typical Filipino house with concrete walls, a WiFi 6 Mesh router will do wonders for your signal strength and speed.

Upgrading to a better WiFi 6 Mesh network system will make all the difference to your connection. So, if you keep getting lag spikes and connection issues, maybe take a look at your router first. It might be the perfect time for an upgrade.

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  • jMG , March 17, 2024

    I am using a VDSL router running at 200Mbps. Will my connection and coverage improve if I add a Wi-Fi 6 mesh to my current setup?

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