5 Reasons Why the HP Victus 15 is Great for Entry-Level Gaming

5 Reasons Why the HP Victus 15 is Great for Entry-Level Gaming

More people are into gaming these days, and buying a gaming laptop is one of their first purchases. Most entry-level to mid-range gaming laptops would range anywhere between Php 50k to Php 90k. There are a number of brands that offer interesting gaming laptops at that price point, and HP is the latest brand to have its own entry-level gaming laptop with the Victus 15.

HP wants to make a great first impression, and we give you five reasons why the Victus 15 might be your first (or next) gaming laptop:

Subtle gamer-inspired design. The Victus 15 has the looks of a typical gamer laptop with its large rear vent for better heat dissipation. You also get a solid hinge that can withstand multiple folds throughout its lifespan. Even with its gamer looks, HP also made the Victus 15 suitable for serious work with its subtle design that includes the Victus’ V logo on the back, along with a Performance Blue color option to make it stand out against the usual black and grey color options you’d expect on a gaming laptop.

Even with its chunky design, the Victus 15 is relatively thin and light for a gaming laptop at 2.48kg and 23.9mm thick, making it portable enough for those who want to game on the go.

Just the right ports. It’s important for gaming laptops to have all the essential ports for plugging in peripherals like keyboards, mice, external monitors, and even external storage. The Victus 15 has a good port selection that includes two USB-A 3.2 ports, a full-sized HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt USB-C port. Aside from covering the essentials, the Victus 15 also has an Ethernet port for those LAN gaming sessions and a full-sized SD card reader in case you also plan to use this gaming laptop to transfer photos and videos from your digital camera.

The USB-C port can also be used as a DisplayPort, allowing you to connect two additional monitors to the Victus 15 for a more immersive gaming experience.


A fast and responsive display. One of the minimum requirements for an entry-level gaming laptop is a display with a fast refresh rate. With the Victus 15, you get a fast 144 refresh rate that benefits a lot with FPS games like Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant where having a high FPS rate matters for a great gaming experience.

Despite being a 15-inch panel, the Victus 15 boasts slim top and size bezels to make it as compact as possible, and it has a matte surface so that you can enjoy your games and videos without any glare.


Powerful internals. Aside from a fast and responsive display, the Victus 15 comes with a 12th-gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor and smooth, high-quality graphics that can handle even the most demanding games because truly, Gaming Happens with Intel®. This processor is based on an innovative performance hybrid architecture, which leverages two distinct cores: Performance (P-cores) and Efficiency cores (E-cores) to optimize your workloads giving you the best gaming experience possible. This allows you to enjoy faster speeds, longer battery life, and lower temperatures when gaming on the Victus 15 by HP.

Aside from games, the Victus 15’s CPU and GPU are also good enough for multimedia work like photo and video editing, making it double as a laptop for content creation as well.


Custom-tuned audio. Completing the Victus 15’s gamer credentials are its stereo speakers that are tuned by Bang & Olufsen (B&O), a company that’s best known for its premium audio products. This gives the Victus 15 great overall audio quality that you’ll enjoy with your games, videos, and all of your favorite music tracks. You also get support for DTS:X Ultra to give you an immersive experience when watching videos or playing games, and you can further tweak the soundstage through HP’s Omen Audio Control App.

The Victus 15 by HP is available in the Philippines online via the official HP Store at Shopee and Lazada, and offline through authorized HP retailers nationwide.

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