After Mocking Apple, Leaks Suggest Samsung To Remove Charger For Galaxy S21

After Mocking Apple, Leaks Suggest Samsung To Remove Charger For Galaxy S21

Apple’s decision to not include a charger with their new iPhones drew widespread criticism, and rivals like Xiaomi, realme, and Samsung trolled them mercilessly for it. But it looks like Korean brand Samsung is about to follow in Apple’s footsteps with their upcoming Galaxy S21 smartphones, which will no doubt leave a lot of fans unhappy.

According to clearance by Brazil’s Anatel (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) explicitly mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S21 family will be sold without either a charger or a pair of earphones in the box, exactly like how Apple does it.

This isn’t surprising since there have been rumors from Korea that Samsung was already considering doing the same thing as early as late October this year. What’s funny is that Samsung may end up looking like a hypocrite here since they really didn’t hold back on the trolling. Anyone who remembers their gadget history probably won’t be surprised – Samsung also trolled Apple when they first showed off the iPhone X with a notch and without a 3.5mm jack, right before implementing those very changes on their phones soon after.

Not for long, probably

It’s fine for companies to troll each other (they make for entertaining ads) though implementing the same changes you criticize another company for doesn’t bode well for your credibility.



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