Pre-Ordering the Apple Vision Pro is a Complicated Process

Pre-Ordering the Apple Vision Pro is a Complicated Process

After Apple announced that the pre-orders for its much-awaited Vision Pro spatial computer will start on January 19, it seems that pre-ordering for one is going to be a complicated process. We’re not just talking about the anticipated hardware shortage and limited availability–apparently, you’ll need to comply with several requirements before you can pre-order the Vision Pro.


Apple Calls the Vision Pro its “First Spatial Computer”

According to Mac Rumors, one of the prerequisites before you can pre-order the Vision Pro is that you need a facial scan. To do that, users will need a compatible Apple device that has Face ID. Right off the bat, this means that users will need at least an iPhone Xs or XR to get a full facial scan since these are the oldest possible iOS devices that have FaceID and support for iOS 17. Apple explains that the facial scan will be used “to determine the right size Light Seal and head bands” for a more precise fit.

To further complicate things, you’ll also need the latest version of the Apple Store App as well. This means that Apple will be filtering potential buyers of the Vision Pro only to the most enthusiastic early bird customers–which is understandable, considering that you’ll be paying $3,499 (or around Php 200k) for a piece of bleeding-edge, first-gen tech. 

Aside from needing a facial scan, the complex pre-order process for the Vision Pro also boils down to Apple wanting each unit to be tailor-fit to its customers. This also applies to the optional $150 ZEISS prescription lenses. For this, Apple requires potential customers to “upload a valid, unexpired prescription from a US eye care professional after checkout”, on top of answering a few questions. That’s understandable especially if you wear glasses, but Apple did not disclose if there are any limitations on the prescription lenses ZEISS can manufacture for the Vision Pro.

With all the complexities of pre-ordering the Vision Pro, we expect only a limited number of units to be delivered in the US once shipping starts on February 2. Will it be worth Apple’s big gamble into spatial computing? We will wait and see until these early bird customers give their feedback on it next month. 

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