ASUS XG Station Pro Is A GPU Dock For The Rest Of Us

ASUS XG Station Pro Is A GPU Dock For The Rest Of Us

No flashing lights, just a place to put discrete graphics in

While we loved the flexibility that ASUS’ ROG XG Station 2 gave people toting notebooks without discrete graphics, it’s overall “LOOK AT ME I’M A GAMER” vibe definitely isn’t for everyone. For everyone who doesn’t want to draw attention to their desks with multi-colored lighting, ASUS has announced their business-oriented XG Station Pro GPU enclosure.

Just like its ROG brother, the XG Station Pro serves as a receptacle for discrete GPUs, and connects to thin-and-light notebooks via Thunderbolt 3. While there’s still LED lights inside, the new graphics enclosure is more nondescript, sporting an aluminum body sans the ostentatious plasma tube in the ROG version.

Inside is a 330 watt PSU, along with dual 120mm In Win fans to keep your GPU cool. There’s dual 8-pin connectors inside, and should be big/wide enough to accommodate up to a NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti card. It’ll be priced at a lower price point than its ROG counterpart, retailing at just $329 or Php 16.3K.

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