Bezel-less Oppo R7 Leaks Again

Bezel-less Oppo R7 Leaks Again


Is this Oppo’s upcoming smartphone?

Remember that leaked, supposed bezel-less phone that’s Oppo’s working on? Well, the new phone – dubbed the R7 – is apparently a real thing and not a one off prototype, at least according to a tweet by @Cinquetacche. The phone, which has almost not side bezels at all, is also as thin as Oppo’s R5 smartphone, at just 4.85mm thin. The photo also shows off the detail of the side, which gives us a better idea of how Oppo managed to achieve that almost bezel-less look for the new phone.

Internally, the upcoming R7 is going to be powered by MediaTek’s MT6795 processor, which is a departure from the R5’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. Other rumored specs are a 20.7-megapixel rear camera on the back.

Images-allegedly-of-the-Oppo-R7 (1)

While the thin Oppo R5 was as beautiful as they come, heat issues brought about by its thin frame and performance niggles from the Snapdragon 615 processor prevented it from scoring high when we had it with us (you can read our full review of it here). Hopefully Oppo solves those issues with the upcoming R7 – it’d be a shame to waste that beautiful, bezel-less display on a sluggish phone.

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