Cherry Aqua S11 Pro vs itel S23+

Cherry Aqua S11 Pro vs itel S23+

Cherry is finally back with new phones for 2024. The more affordable Aqua S11 Pro may be a 4G-only budget phone like its predecessor, but Cherry packed it with a lot of features that makes it a steal at its official price of Php 7,999. With what the Aqua S11 Pro has to offer, we think that its closest competitor is the itel S23+, which takes pride on being the most affordable phone with a curved display at Php 7,499.


With only a Php 500 difference, which budget phone between the Aqua S11 Pro and itel S23+ offers better value? Let’s check what they have to offer:


While both phones employ a familiar square module that has the cameras and the LED flash, they differ with their ergonomics. The S23+ is more curvy because of its curved display, while the Aqua S11 Pro is more boxy as evident with their flat frame sides. Both phones nonetheless look premium, but the Aqua S11 Pro has the advantage of retaining the headphone jack.


Making both the Aqua S11 Pro and S23+ stand out is that they use AMOLED displays–a feature you rarely see on any phone priced at under Php 8k. Cherry and itel went for different approaches with their AMOLED displays: itel opted for the fancier curved display and a rather dated 60hz refresh rate, while Cherry went for a 120hz refresh rate and a flat panel that boast slim bezels.

It’s all a matter of preference when it comes to the display, but we think people will be more inclined to the Aqua S11 Pro’s 120hz refresh rate. Those differences aside, both budget phones come with an in-display fingerprint scanner–a feature that is hard to find on any budget phone.



On paper, the S23+ and Aqua S11 Pro are on even ground: while the Aqua S11 Pro has a higher-resolution 64-megapixel main camera (along with two other cameras that are fillers at best), the S23+ is better in the selfie department with its 32-megapixel shooter.

We still have to try out the Aqua S11 Pro’s cameras, but on paper Cherry should have better camera performance especially with its processor of choice–more on the next part.


While both phones come with 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, and a 5000mAh battery, the Aqua S11 Pro dominates over the S23+ with its use of a Helio G99 processor. Aside from being significantly more powerful than the S23+’s Unisoc T616, we are well-versed on the Helio G99 as a processor that can run demanding games like Genshin Impact at medium graphics comfortably. It’s an incredible feat for Cherry to use this chip on a phone priced at under Php 8k.

Aside from the better processor, the Aqua S11 Pro boasts better charging speeds at 33w compared to the S23+’s 18w charging.



While it is Php 500 more expensive, the Aqua S11 Pro offers better value compared to the S23+ especially if you consider Cherry’s decision to use a Helio G99 processor. Aside from the 120hz refresh rate on the display and the faster 33w charging, the Aqua S11 Pro has less bloatware than the S23+, and that’s another win for Cherry.

Overall, the Aqua S11 Pro is a solid offering for Cherry after stayed quiet for almost two years. We hope that the Aqua S11 Pro’s value for money will help Cherry stay competitive in the budget segment.

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