Don’t buy a New iPad for Now. Here’s Why

Don’t buy a New iPad for Now. Here’s Why

While a lot of people are waiting for the local launch of the iPhone 15 series on October 20, there are those who need an iPad more than an iPhone. We advise those planning to buy an iPad to hold off for a few more months, as reports indicate that Apple might launch an updated iPad Air, iPad Mini, and base model iPad within the year.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously mentioned updates to the iPad Mini and entry-level iPad. The former is due for an update, with the current model being a 2021 release. The 2023 version is speculated to get a more powerful chip inside–presumably, the one that powers the iPhone 14 series. The same goes for the entry-level iPad, which is expected to get a processor upgrade as well.

Updates to the iPad Air will be more intriguing, as Apple will reportedly go for a similar MacBook Air approach by having two iPad Air sizes. Aside from the 11-inch version we all know, there might be a 12.9-inch iPad Air in the works with better features. It’s not clear how Apple plans to make this new model different from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but we speculate differences with the display, processor, and cameras.

As for the iPad Pro, the expected upgrade is the unveiling of the M3 processor. However, given the situation now with TSMC’s 3nm process, the iPad Pro M3 might launch next year instead.

Aside from new iPads, Apple’s expensive Magic Keyboard will reportedly get a makeover as well. The Magic Keyboard is 3 years old at this point, and the 2024 version will reportedly get an aluminum build and additional sensors. That’s going to make the Magic Keyboard more expensive, but we don’t mind as long as iPad Pros get to do the same things as any MacOS computer with the additional accessory.

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