Galaxy Z Flip5 Cameras Are Almost At Par with Galaxy Z Fold5

Galaxy Z Flip5 Cameras Are Almost At Par with Galaxy Z Fold5

Samsung got a lot of praise the the Galaxy Z Flip5: aside from having a bigger and more usable cover screen, the Galaxy Z Flip5 finally matches the competition with an updated gapless hinge design. We mentioned in our quick review that the cameras of the Galaxy Z Flip5 are also better–despite using practically the same hardware found on the Z Flip4.

How good are those cameras? DxOMark gave the Galaxy Z Flip5 a score of 127 for its cameras, which is just a point below the Galaxy Z Fold5 and at par with the iPhone 12 Pro. Considering that you’re getting the same hardware as its predecessor, Samsung made a good effort in improving the cameras of the Galaxy Z Flip5 to match the performance of premium flagship phones. This also brings in a promise that foldables will eventually reach a point where their cameras are just as good as those found on traditional bar type phones.

Detailing on DxOMark’s findings, the Galaxy Z Flip5 showed noticeable improvements over its predecessors, with excellent white balance and exposure in most shooting conditions–along with a fast and accurate autofocus system. Both the main and ultra-wide cameras delivered good detail in both photo and video mode, and OIS on the main camera does a good job when shooting video.

Aside from noticeable image noise in all lighting conditions, the Galaxy Z Flip5’s weak point is a lack of a dedicated telephoto camera–the digital zoom of the main camera is not as good as those on premium phones. Given that OPPO started the trend of adding a telephoto camera with the Find N3 Flip, it’s simply a matter of time before other brands will add a dedicated zoom camera on flip-type foldables.

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