Got an iPhone 6? Otterbox Cases Coming to the PH Soon!

Got an iPhone 6? Otterbox Cases Coming to the PH Soon!

Otterbox Cases for the iPhone 6 coming soon!
Otterbox Cases for the iPhone 6 coming soon!

Otter for your iPhone 6?

Otterbox, as most of you probably know by now, is a trusted brand that offers a variety of protective yet stylish cases for smartphones and tablets. It’s already a routine for us to get an Otterbox case each time we get a new smartphone because their products really deliver on the promise of quality protection. That’s why it’s no wonder that we’ve been itching to get Otterbox cases for our new iPhones ever since we got them a few weeks back. We’ve been checking the Otterbox kiosks in malls but unfortunately none of them have started selling iPhone 6 or 6 Plus cases yet.

The local distributor of Otterbox, Tenkiebox Inc., seems to have some sort of sixth sense though as they invited us to drop by their office yesterday so we could get a preview of what products they have coming for the iPhone 6.

There will initially be cases available for the iPhone 6. Check them out below!

Otterbox Symmetry Php2,150

iPhone 6 Otterbox a

The Symmetry is a unibody back case that gives good protection from drops and bumps for your iPhone. It’s the thinnest and least bulkiest among the offerings of Otterbox so you definitely want this one if you want to preserve pocket or bag space, hehe.

Otterbox Commuter Php2,450

iPhone 6 Otterbox c

The Commuter has two layers of protection which includes a silicone skin and a hard TPU back cover. This used to be our favorite line until the debut of the Symmetry series.

Otterbox Defender Php2,850

iPhone 6 Otterbox b

Lastly we have the Defender which offers crazy good protection from drops and falls. It has three layers of protection including the silicone rubber skin, a hard TPU enclosure, and even a screen membrane so you don’t need to get a screen protector anymore. It also has a hard belt clip which doubles as a stand.

Among the three we highly recommend either the Symmetry or the Defender. The Commuter used to make so much sense but the Symmetry trumps it when it comes to balance and affordability. If your a klutz though or if you let your kids play around with your iPhone, the Defender is simply a must. 😛

PS: No cases yet for the iPhone 6 Plus but they should arrive later this year.

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