The Magic6 Pro Overtakes Find X7 Ultra for Camera King Throne

The Magic6 Pro Overtakes Find X7 Ultra for Camera King Throne

It has only been a week since the Find X7 Ultra made it to the top with its cameras. While it stood out with its dual periscope cameras, the Find X7 UItra has been dethroned by the Magic6 Pro as the new camera king.


Instead of opting for two periscope cameras, HONOR chose to use a single periscope camera on the Magic6 Pro that has an insane 180-megapixel resolution. While its optical zoom is shorter at 2.5x, the high megapixel count of the Magic6 Pro’s periscope camera allows it to get detailed shots even at its maximum 100x digital zoom. Aside from the periscope camera, the Magic6 Pro also has a variable aperture on the main camera, giving you more flexible shooting options.

In DxOMark’s review of the Magic6 Pro, HONOR’s 2024 flagship is the top dog with the performance of its ultra-wide camera, its bokeh rendition when using the periscope camera, and its color rendition. When it comes to zooming, DxOMark remarked that the Magic6 Pro did well thanks to its use of image fusion between the main (24mm equivalent) and periscope (68mm equivalent) range.

With video, the Magic6 Pro may trail behind the iPhone 15 Pro Max in exposure, stabilization, and autofocus, but excels in color rendering when shooting HDR video, with DxOMark noting natural and pleasant colors across various shooting conditions.

Unlike the Find X7 Ultra that is exclusive to China, the Magic6 Pro is available globally, so there’s a chance that HONOR might bring it to the Philippines.

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