Infinix Warns Everyone Regarding Fake Phones in the Philippines

Infinix Warns Everyone Regarding Fake Phones in the Philippines

Infinix has grown so much in the Philippines during the past few years thanks to the incredible value their phones have to offer.


While the brand has enjoyed great sales, there are concerns from buyers with fake Infinix phones being sold in the Philippines. These fake phones have started to become common not just in physical stores, but also in online stores like Lazada and Shopee.


As a response, Infinix has issued an advisory guide to its buyers on determining if the phone they are buying is legit or fake.

One of the examples Infinix showed in its posts is the Smart 8, the most affordable Infinix phone in the Philippines at Php 4.1k before promos and vouchers. In the comparison between the original Smart 8 being sold in the Philippines and the fake one, the most noticeable difference is the lack of Infinix branding on the box and the fake one having a smaller box compared to the original one. Upon closer inspection of the box, the fake Smart 8 uses a darker green shade than the original one.

Beyond the box, the wrapper for the phone itself has significant differences: aside from the shade of green used, the fake one uses a smaller font for all of the text in the wrapping–and also lacks the Infinix branding. 

Infinix Philippines told us that aside from the Smart 8, they have seen fake versions of the NOTE 30 and HOT 30i as well, so it’s important to be vigilant in buying any product. 

*Updated to include other Infinix models that are spotted with counterfeit versions.

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