Is MyPhone Dead?

Is MyPhone Dead?

Cherry has been in the news lately after officially returning to making phones with the Aqua S11 Pro and Aqua GR. We got to talk to Cherry on how they managed to survive the odds amidst the arrival of Chinese brands in the Philippines.


Cherry is currently the only local phone brand that’s still alive–which makes us wonder: is MyPhone dead?

The MyPhone MyX8, which we reviewed back in 2018.


Yes, it has been a while since we’ve heard from MyPhone: the last story we wrote about the local brand was in 2019 when they teased the MyX12. We haven’t heard from MyPhone since then, which made us curious if the local brand is still alive or is already dead.

Checking their Facebook page, the last post was from October 2022, where they reposted a list of physical stores nationwide that carry their products. Even MyPhone’s Instagram page shows that their last post was from October 2022. MyPhone’s official website appears to be outdated as well, with the last post being dated from 2021, and their e-Brochure page list down their product lineup as of 2021.

Moving to MyPhone’s Shopee and Lazada, the only product that you can still buy from them is the myT8, which is an entry-level tablet that has an 8-inch display, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, a 4000mAh battery, and LTE connectivity for under Php 5k.


While you can still buy the myT8, the last review of the product is from 2022–so we’re not sure if the said product is still available. Our hunch here is that MyPhone is liquidating all of their remaining inventory of the myT8.

With more than a year being inactive, it seems that MyPhone is presumed to no longer exist as a mobile brand–unlike rival Cherry, which managed to adapt to the changing times. While its eCommerce pages and Facebook page still exist, the lack of activity makes us think that the owners of MyPhone have most likely moved on to other ventures.

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