LG Unveils Gallery OLED TV in PH

LG Unveils Gallery OLED TV in PH



LG’s newest OLED TV is a work of art

LG has officially unveiled their latest OLED TV, the LG Gallery OLED TV. The Gallery OLED features a number of innovations in the TV space, most notably the speaker frame that the TV ships with.


The frame surrounds the TV isn’t just a regular frame in the traditional sense – speakers are cleverly hidden in the frame that provides enough sound to completely fill an entire room.


Being an OLED TV, LG’s newest model is also impossibly thin. It’s actually thinner than your typical ballpen that you probably have around your house.


It also uses LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology, which the company says adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional RGB colors which result in enhanced color range and accuracy.

The Gallery OLED TV also has the capability to tilt and pan, allowing you maximum flexibility when it comes to watching movies and TV shows.

The Gallery OLED TV will also ship digitized versions of art created by maestros around the world, along with the work of National Artist Benedicto Cabrera.


The LG Gallery OLED TV obviously won’t come cheap – it retails for a wallet burning Php 449000.

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