MediaTek to Unveil the 3.0GHz Helio X35 Deca-Core Processor

MediaTek to Unveil the 3.0GHz Helio X35 Deca-Core Processor

The neverending smartphone SoC arms race rages on, as MediaTek enters a new challenger into the fray, the overclocked Helio X35 deca-core processor.

Earlier, Unbox reported that MediaTek was planning to unveil their new Helio X30 chipset next year. According to online rumors, the X35 is expected to be released alongside it.

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Looking at the preliminary spec sheet, the new MediaTek Helio X35 looks like an overclocked X30 with refreshed features plugged into it. Given its positioning, expect to see the X35 on higher-end offerings from smartphone manufacturers in early 2017.

Helio X35 Chipset Specifications

  • 3.0GHz deca-core processor
  • PowerVR 7XT graphics processor (800 MHz)
  • 8GB RAM maximum capacity (LPDDR4)
  • Cat. 12 LTE support, 3CA support
  • 10nm FinFET manufacturing process

The previous gen Helio X20 was supposed to be a worthy competitor to the Snapdragon 820 but the MediaTek SoC paled in real-life usage. MediaTek hopes to reverse the tables with their upcoming X30 and X35. However, by then, Qualcomm might already be sporting their successor chipset, the rumored Snapdragon 830.

Source: PhoneRadar

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