MWC 2018: ASUS’ Pricing For The ZenFone 5z Made Us Believe Again

MWC 2018: ASUS’ Pricing For The ZenFone 5z Made Us Believe Again

Only if they can keep the price of the phone the same as the initial announcement

We just literaly finished watching ASUS’ announcement for their new ZenFone 5 smartphone and we got to say, we were floored by the pricing of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-equipped variant. With a base price of 479 Euros or roughly Php 30.1K converted, the new flagship from the Taiwanese company is very compelling.

ASUS has been the favorite whipping boy of spurned fans as of late, thanks to its high pricing for their previous generation smartphones. Many previous fans feel that the company has lost their way, abandoning their promise of “empowering luxury” with their latest batch of phones.

And while the pricing of the Zenfone 5 announced earlier today was for the 4GB/64GB model only, it’s a very compelling price considering what’s in it. Take note that European pricing is generally higher than what the rest of the world gets considering they pay higher taxes on literally everything, then you can see how ASUS is on the right track when it comes to regaining its lost fans.

If ASUS can keep the base price of the Zenfone 5 the same, or even better, lower the price a little bit when it arrives in the Philippines 4 months from now, then the Taiwanese company might just make us believe in their “empowering luxury” battle cry again.


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