MWC 2018: Here’s When Cherry Mobile’s Android Go Phones Will Arrive

MWC 2018: Here’s When Cherry Mobile’s Android Go Phones Will Arrive

It’ll be specific to a certain price point

We’re still in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress, and we managed to bump into Lonson Alejandrino, Cherry Mobile’s AVP for Product Development. We spoke with him over lunch where he revealed some of their plans in the next few months, including the arrival of Android Go, the slimmed-down version of Android Oreo meant for budget phones.

According to him, Android Go-equipped models for the brand will begin arriving in June, around 4 months after MWC. He says that the slight 4 month delay is necessary to streamline and finalize Android Go for wider dissemination, especially for budget hardware. While there were several Android Go-equipped phones from international brands on the show floor here in MWC, they felt sluggish and slow, which makes us believe that a few more months of QA and polish are needed for the devices.

Lonson also revealed that most, if not all of Cherry Mobile’s budget devices will be getting Android Go out of the box. If plans remain unchanged, Android Go will be the standard OS for any and all Android-powered smartphone from the brand starting from the Php 4,000 price point below.

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