NVIDIA’s Max-Q Designed GPUs Are A Game Changer

NVIDIA’s Max-Q Designed GPUs Are A Game Changer

Powerful Gaming Laptops That Won’t Give You Back Problems

If you’ve been following the tech scene in the last couple of months or even just visited the site in past couple of days, you may have seen the new gaming laptop from ASUS, the ROG GX501, or better know as the Zephyrus. It’s one of the laptops that is a result of NVIDIA’s dream to make a laptop that was thin, quiet, and capable of 4K gaming through their new Max-Q designed GPUs.

At its core, the Zephryus has a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 24GB of RAM, 512GB of PCIE NVME SSD Storage, and GTX 1080 GPU. If you haven’t seen the review for the Zephyrus, it can play all of today’s triple-A titles on Full HD without any trouble. Gaming laptops this powerful usually come in a massive chassis that weigh a lot; enough to give even the biggest of dudes a back problem. Thanks to NVIDIA’s Max-Q designed GPUs, however, the Zephyrus is 18mm thin and only weighs around 2.2kgs.

As you can imagine, cramming a GTX 1080 into a thinner chassis presented a ton of challenges for the famed GPU manufacturer, but they managed to do so by working closely with their partners (such as: Asus, Acer, MSI, and Clevo) to able to bring you their versions of a Max-Q gaming laptops; all of which had to make sure the GPU had the sufficient power and cooling solutions that doesn’t sound like a tiny hair drier. This means that the Max-Q designed GPU’s aren’t a one-size fits all solution, at least not for now.

If there was one point that NVIDIA wanted to drive home during their presentation to us in Bangkok it was this: peak performance is not peak efficiency. NVIDIA was able to achieve their goals by finding the perfect balance between power and the GPUs peak efficiency, so that they can still deliver the same graphic fidelity we’re used to seeing from their GTX 1070’s and 1080’s. As you can see from one of their slides from their presentation, the difference in performance is marginal that the FPS gains aren’t worth the extra power draw and the other benefits definitely outweigh it.

Helping along to make sure these laptops run at their peak efficiency is NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience, so you can run games at their optimal settings and its new WhisperMode function ensures things are as quiet as can be as well.

As we mentioned before and as you can see above, there are only a handful of gaming laptops equipped with NVIDIA’s Max-Q designed GPUs, with Acer’s Triton 700 left out of the picture, and we really look forward to the day that this would be the norm when it comes to gaming laptops because it’s an absolute game changer for people who need their notebooks to pack a wallop as they work on-the-go and blow off some steam with a few games at day’s end.

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