OPPO Announces First Ever Sensor-based Stabilization For Phones

OPPO Announces First Ever Sensor-based Stabilization For Phones


Better photos are now within reach

While OPPO doesn’t have a lot of smartphone announcements for MWC, they do have a couple of new tech that they’re excited to show to the world. We’ve already told you about the new SuperVOOC technology that charges a phone from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. Now the company has managed to stuff in an optical image stabilizer on a smartphone sensor.

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It’s the smallest, fastest and most precise OIS on a smartphone since the stabilization is happening on the sensor level, not the lens. It removes the need for a motor for the lens which reduces the size of the camera module, and OPPO says that the sensor-shift OIS is as thin as two sheets of paper. Aside from the size reduction, the sensor-shift OIS can provide 3-axis stabilization (which made Sony’s A7 MK II so great) instead of the 2-axis that’s present in lens-based systems. It’s also faster – needing just 15ms to compensate for any shake as compared to the 50ms in traditional OIS systems.

All of that jargon means that OPPO’s phones that have the tech will result in clearer photos. There’s no clear release date as of yet, and we’re not sure if this will be an OPPO exclusive tech or if they plan to license this out to their competitors like what Sony does with its camera sensors.


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