Pixel 8 Series Renders Leak: Familiar But Still Different

Pixel 8 Series Renders Leak: Familiar But Still Different

While we are still waiting (and praying) that Google will make the Pixel 7 series available officially in the Philippines, there are new reports about the upcoming Pixel 8 series–with the alleged renders making their appearance on the internet. Both the leaked renders for the Pixel 8 Pro and 8 Pro look very familiar–with Google making a few tweaks here and there.

Starting with the Pixel 8 Pro, you get a less boxier look and more rounded corners compared to the Pixel 7 Pro, and the camera visor gets a more streamlined look–this time, the telephoto camera is housed together with the other two cameras for a more unified look. There’s an additional camera right below the LED flash, and we presume that it might be a ToF sensor. The rounded corners also make the Pixel 8 Pro allegedly smaller than its predecessor, with its display measuring 6.52 inches.

Unlike the Pixel 8 Pro, the vanilla Pixel 8 looks more similar to its predecessor design-wise, though its slightly smaller with its rounded corners. The vanilla Pixel 8 will have a 5.8-inch display, making it notably smaller than the Pixel 7 and becoming a rare compact flagship phone.

Both phones are expected to be powered by Google’s Tensor G3 processor, which is allegedly based on the unannounced Exynos 2300 that was supposed to power the Galaxy S23 series. According to reports, the Exynos 2300 will have an unconventional 1/4/4 configuration that includes a Cortex-X3 running at 3.09Ghz, four Cortex-A715 cores running at 2.65Ghz, and four Cortex-A510 cores running at 2.10Ghz. A custom Xclipse 930 is used for the GPU.

Knowing how Google announces its products, we expect the Pixel 8 series to be teased at Google’s I/O developer conference come May.

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