Here are the Key Features of the realme 12 Pro Series

Here are the Key Features of the realme 12 Pro Series

After realme has hinted that the 12 Pro series will be a rare mid-range phone to feature a periscope camera, the brand has revealed some of the key features people can expect from it.


-realme Thinks a Periscope Camera is Better than a 200MP Sensor

We know that the realme 12 Pro series will utilize a periscope camera, and realme confirmed that the said camera will utilize a 64-megapixel OV64B sensor and will have OIS onboard. Aside from having a native 3x optical zoom, the realme 12 Pro series can do up to 120x zoom, which we presume is a combination of both optical and digital zoom.

Aside from the periscope camera, realme also confirmed that the 12 Pro series will use an IMX890 sensor for the main camera–also with OIS like the periscope camera. These camera highlights emphasize that the 12 Pro series will have the most stacked camera setup in realme’s numbered series.

realme has yet to reveal what processors will power the 12 Pro series, but the mention of their partnership with Qualcomm indicates that both the Pro and Pro+ model will exclusively use Snapdragon processors.

Aside from highlighting the camera features, realme also revealed the official look of the 12 Pro in Submarine Blue. Taking inspiration from luxury watches, realme collaborated with international luxury watch designer Ollivier Savéo for designing the 12 Pro series.

Savéo has previously collaborated with various watch brands that include Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Piaget, Breitling, and Quentin.

Some of the key design elements of the realme 12 Pro series that draw inspiration from luxury watches include a fluted bezel and a sunburst dial for the camera module and a premium vegan leather for the back panel–at least for the Submarine Blue colorway.

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