Here’s all you Need to Know about the Galaxy Buds Pro

Here’s all you Need to Know about the Galaxy Buds Pro

While we are all looking forward to the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung is expected to launch a new version of its TWS earbuds-which is said to be called the Galaxy Buds Pro. To come in black and silver, the Galaxy Buds Pro will take on the more conventional design used by the Galaxy Buds and Buds+.

Being the Pro version of the Galaxy Buds line, one of its key features is Active Noise Cancellation and 3D Audio (similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio) for supported content. These new features are confirmed in an updated version of the Galaxy Wearable app.

Other notable features of the Galaxy Buds Pro is Voice Detect, which turns on Ambient mode when it detects your voice, various audio profiles, and a block touch controls option.

As for price, the Galaxy Buds Pro is priced at 229 Euros(~Php 13.5k), making it only slightly cheaper than Apple’s AirPods Pro. They will be available alongside the Galaxy S21 series, with some variants to be bundled with the Galaxy Buds Pro for pre-orders.


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