Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover (Dark Blue)

by Carlo Ople  December 5, 2011

A naked Samsung Galaxy Note is not good for your health.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover (Dark Blue)

One of the benefits of buying from a licensed distributor of the Samsung Galaxy Note is that you get the official Flip Cover for free. This freebie pretty much equalizes the price gap. For example if you try to get the Samsung Galaxy Note with Samsung Warranty from online sellers you can get it for as low as Php31,000. Digital Walker sells it for around Php33,500 if you’ll buy in cash but you get the free Flip Cover. If you peg the price of the cover at Php1,500 then it’s actually just more expensive by Php1,000 which is okay for me since I get peace of mind.

Anyway, let me go over the official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover. It’s actually a pretty cool accessory!

The Flip Cover is made from high quality synthetic material. The one I got was colored dark blue.
To attach flip cover you have to "replace" the back case of your Samsung Galaxy Note with it.
So open the back...
And then attach! Tadaaa~.
And there you go. The case is book-style which gives you easy access to the Note when you need it.
What it looks like when closed

Awesome accessory!

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    hey unbox, would this be available in the market soon? or is it available now? really hard to find an accessory for my note 🙁

    […] When it launches, the Samsung Galaxy note will be both the largest and highest-resolution smartphone in the country, and Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology is the icing on the cake. It’ll also be the first Android smartphone sold with a stylus or “S-pen”, the better to take advantage of the Wacom digitizer built into the screen. High-end specs like a 1.4Ghz processor, 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera round out the package. Author’s note: the above image may or may not look anything like the case that Best Buy is giving away – as stated above, they’ve shown no pictures and given no brand names. That’s a photo of Samsung’s official cover, courtesy of Unbox.ph. […]