Samsung Reveals More Galaxy Ring Details at MWC 2024

Samsung Reveals More Galaxy Ring Details at MWC 2024

After Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring during the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, the brand decided to reveal more details about its next-generation wearable at MWC 2024.


While pricing and availability weren’t revealed, Samsung gave select members of the media a closer look at the Galaxy Ring, which appears to compete against the Oura Ring. Unlike the Oura Ring, the Galaxy Ring has a concave shape that tapers in the middle. There will be three color options–namely ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold–and the sizes will range from 5-13 or S to XL based on the markings inside the ring.

The Galaxy Ring’s array of sensors is said to track heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep–and Samsung adds that it can detect early signs of sleep apnea. The Galaxy Ring’s integration with the Samsung Health app will allow for computing for Vitality score, which is a calculation of the combined scores of daily activity, sleep, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Samsung Health’s Vitality score aims to give users a more holistic view of their health, and the app will give feedback on how they can improve their overall well-being.

As for compatibility, Samsung said that the Galaxy Ring will be exclusively compatible to Galaxy phones at launch, but it plans to expand compatibility to more Android devices down the line.

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