The Galaxy Ring Might Be the Next Era of Wearables

The Galaxy Ring Might Be the Next Era of Wearables

While this year’s Galaxy Unpacked highlighted the Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy AI, Samsung decided to do a “one more thing” with a teaser of the Galaxy Ring. Samsung allocated a few minutes teasing this new wearable, ending with what appears to be the official look of the Galaxy Ring.


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Samsung did not give any other details about the Galaxy Ring, but their spokesperson told The Verge that the new product aims to simplify how people manage their everyday wellness. Those who attended Unpacked reportedly saw prototypes of the Galaxy Ring, and while photos are not allowed, it is said to be light, comes in sizes going all the way to 13, and will have three finishes. There’s no pricing and availability either–Samsung only mentioned that they plan to launch it “later this year”.

Oura has been making smart rings since 2020, and currently has a Gen 3 version.


Prior to Samsung’s intriguing teaser on its next wearable, Oura has been making smart rings since 2020, and their current Gen 3 version adds period tracking and SpO2 monitoring while looking very stylish with its titanium body. Samsung’s planned entry with the Galaxy Ring should bring a healthy competition to a new segment of wearables.

Just like the rest of the tech brands, Samsung has a healthy portfolio of smartwatches.


In the current scheme of things where people are fine with smartwatches and fitness trackers to monitor, is there really a market for smart rings?

One of the valid arguments for this is that smart rings are more discreet for sleep tracking than smartwatches, and it gives another health tracking option for people who prefer to use a normal watch. There’s also an argument that blood oxygen and heart rate tracking is more accurate on your finger than your wrist (which is why phones like the Galaxy S9 Plus can track your heart rate through their fingerprint scanners). And according to the people at The Verge, there are people who want screenless wearables like smart rings.

We still don’t know Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy Ring–or if they plan to give Oura a run for its money–but we’re certainly intrigued at how the Korean tech giant will make smart rings go mainstream as a minimalist health tracker.

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