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Samsung’s Latest SSD Gets a Smartphone Feature

Extra security for all of your data

Aside from having more storage space and faster speeds, there’s not that much to add to portable SSDs when it comes to features. For Samsung, they thought of adding a physical fingerprint scanner to their latest portable SSD—the T7 Touch—for added security.

Surrounded by a Motion LED (which also serves as an indicator for the drive’s activity), the physical fingerprint scanner ensures that only the user itself has access to the files inside it.

Aside from the added feature, the T7 Touch is twice as fast as the T5, with read and write speeds at up to 1050mb/s and 1000mb/s respectively using USB-C 3.2 Gen 2.

The T7 Touch is available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB and is priced at $130(~Php 6.6k), $230(~Php 11.7k), and $400(~Php 20.3k) respectively. The portable SSD is also available without the fingerprint scanner if you feel that you don’t need the added security.

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