Snapdragon 888-Powered Phones to get up to 4 Years of Updates

In the Android world, most phones would get a total of 2 major Android updates and 3 years worth of security updates. Some would fare less with only one major Android update (and sometimes no updates at all). To address this, Qualcomm and Google announced their collaboration to extend Project Treble so that Qualcomm-powered phones–starting with the Snapdragon 888–will receive three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates.

“Google continues to work closely with our technology partners to increase the freshness of the Android ecosystem. Through this collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, we expect that Android users will have the latest OS upgrades and greater security on their devices,” said Google Android Engineering VP David Burke.

By extending the number of years Android phones receive updates, this should help Android phone users to reduce the number of times they will need to buy a new phone. In addition, this latest effort is part of Google’s plan to match Apple’s update cycle for its iOS devices–for reference, iOS 14 is supported by devices as old as the 4-year-old iPhone SE (1st generation) and 5-year-old iPhone 6S series.

Before Android users get excited about this news, however, Qualcomm and Google’s partnership will ultimately depend on the phone brands themselves if they can push for up to 3 major Android updates and 4 years of security updates.

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