Sony A9 III Arrives in the Philippines with Php 350k Price

Sony A9 III Arrives in the Philippines with Php 350k Price

Sony expands its line of full-frame mirrorless cameras in the Philippines with the arrival of the A9 III. Positioned above the A7 series, the latest iteration of the A9 introduces a global shutter system–a first for a full-frame camera, along with class-leading burst speeds of up to 120fps with AF/AE tracking. Aside from its blazing fast speeds, the A9 III has one of the fastest shutter speeds on a mirrorless camera at 1/80000 of a second.


Paired with Sony’s latest iteration of the BIONZ XR image processing, the A9 III can practically freeze any moment–especially when you enable pre-capture mode to ensure that you will not miss any shots by recording up to 1 second before the user presses the shutter. On top of the A9 III’s blazing fast speeds, it also utilizes Sony’s dedicated AI processing unit to make your shots stay in focus with Real-Time Recognition AF. The A9 III’s autofocus system is so accurate, that high-speed shots like taking a photo of a balloon bursting is an easy feat for Sony’s flagship mirrorless camera.

Another benefit of the A9 III’s global shutter is with videos, as it allows you to shoot at up to 120FPS in 4K resolution without any of the distortions that’s normally associated with cameras that use a more conventional rolling shutter. You can even push the A9 III to shoot 6K videos via oversampling, and you can also utilize its Real-Time Recognition AF and Real-time Tracking to ensure that your subjects always stay in focus.  When it comes to colors, the A9 III has S-Cinetone to deliver natural skin tones when shooting human subjects.

The Sony A9 III is priced at Php 349,599 in the Philippines.

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