Sony Brings MDR-MV1, C-80 Pro Audio Gear to the Philippines

Sony Brings MDR-MV1, C-80 Pro Audio Gear to the Philippines

Sony bolsters its professional audio equipment lineup in the Philippines with the MDR-MV1 Monitor headphones and C-80 Condenser Microphone. Both products are geared towards professionals that have crucial work involving vocal/voice recording, webcasting, podcasting, instrumental recording, and sound monitoring.

The MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor headphones make use of open back design to give its users anaccurate reproduction of a wide sound field. This makes them suitable for mixing and mastering immersive spatial sound, such as 360 Reality Audio, as well as stereo sound with hi-resolution capability. They come with custom driver units that provide ultra-wideband playback (5Hz – 80 kHz) with natural high frequencies to give users all the details they need in audio monitoring.

As a professional set of headphones, the MDR-MV1 comes with breathable earpads and a detachable cable that makes use of machined aluminum connectors.

The C-80, on the other hand, inherits the professional features of Sony’s revered C-800G and popular C-100 microphones at a more affordable price tag. Its design consists of a unidirectional microphone capsule and a two-part metallic anti-vibrational body structure that prevents microphone body acoustic vibration, resulting in low noise and clear sound. You also get a dual diaphragm design that helps supress sonic changes with distance and allow more stability with vocal recordings.

Both the MDR-MV1 and C-80 will be available at select Sony Authorized Dealers in the Philippines starting May 12. The MDR-MV1 is priced at Php 23,999, while the C-80 is priced at Php 34,999.

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