Swarovski Team Up With Samsung to Deliver Swarovski Studded Galaxy S5

Swarovski Team Up With Samsung to Deliver Swarovski Studded Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5_Swarovski Cover_8[2]

If you ever wanted a phone with serious bling, this is it

If you ever looked at Samsung’s latest flagship and thought, “that could definitely use more bling”, listen up. Samsung has teamed up with jewelry company Swarovski to deliver “Swarovski for Samsung,” an exclusive collection of Swarovski crystal accessories for the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Basically, the collection is composed of Galaxy S5 covers fitted with Swarovski crystals and charm sliders for the Gear Fit. Samsung says that the application process for the Swarovski crystal uses a patented application process, and two crystal effects are merged into one motif  as an extra design feature. The new cover design will be available in Vibrant Blue and Mystic Black.

Galaxy S5_Swarovski Cover_9[2]

The Gear Fit Charm Sliders come in Siam Heart, Light Rose Heart, Crystal Skull, Anthracite Skull, Crystal Star, Blue Star and Golden Shadow Lips and are available in a variety of colors – Brown, Golden Shadow and Crystal.

Gear Fit_Swarovski Charm_19[1]

If you want in on this, you will have to wait. Samsung has said that it will only be initially available in Korea, China and the UK, though there will be a chance for bling-obsessed pinoys to accessorize their S5 later.


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