The Find X6 Pro MIGHT have the Brightest Display on a Phone

The Find X6 Pro MIGHT have the Brightest Display on a Phone

One of the benefits of newer AMOLED displays used by flagship phones is that they have a high maximum brightness range. The iPhone 14 Pro has the highest brightness at 2000nits, while the Xiaomi 13 comes close at 1900nits. OPPO wants to beat the iPhone 14 Pro in terms of display brightness, as the Find X6 Pro will reportedly hit 2400nits.

This shows that OPPO is ambitious with its plans for the Find X6 series–with the Pro model having a 6.8-inch 10-bit Samsung E6 AMOLED panel that has a QHD+ resolution and a 120hz adaptive refresh rate. We don’t know how OPPO will achieve such a high brightness rating–our guess is that they might be using additional hardware on the Find X6 Pro.

While we initially reported that there will be three Find X6 variants, new reports state that OPPO only intends to have two models: the vanilla Find X6 will use a Dimensity 9200, while the Pro model will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Aside from the two color options previously reported, the Find X6 Pro will have a special leather option where the upper half of the phone is made from glass while the bottom part is leather. The renders show that this will give a really unique look to the Find X6 Pro beyond having a class-leading display.

The Find X6 Pro is expected to debut OPPO’s Marisilicon X2 chip, and will have a stacked camera setup that will consist of two IMX890 sensors for the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras and a 1-inch IMX989 sensor for the main camera. Given that these 50-megapixel sensors are large, we’re not surprised at how large the camera module of the Find X6 Pro will be.

OPPO should unveil the Find X6 series soon, and we can’t wait to know more about their flagship phones

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