The Sofort 2 is the Cheapest Leica Camera you can Own

The Sofort 2 is the Cheapest Leica Camera you can Own

Want your very own Leica camera without forking 6 digits for one? The Sofort 2 is the most affordable camera from the German brand, with an official local price of Php 26,500. That makes it even more affordable than Xiaomi’s Leica-sporting 13T, and the Sofort 2 also functions as a printer a la Instax Evo.

At its core, the Sofort 2 is better than its predecessor as it is a hybrid instant camera: you can shoot digital images with its 4.9-megapixel sensor and store them via MicroSD or print them with Leica’s Sofort color film. Being a hybrid instant camera, you can send images you’ve taken to the Sofort 2 and print them on film.

Of course, the Sofort 2 is not a real Leica without the lens. It uses a 28mm f/2 Leica Summar lens, which is the same focal length used on the popular (and more expensive) Leica Q fixed-lens camera. While it is a Leica camera, the Sofort 2 is also a fun one as well with 10 film styles and 10 film lens effects to choose from to bring out your creative side. 

Granted that the Sofort 2 feels like a luxurious version of Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Evo, you’ll definitely draw attention with the iconic Leica Red Dot of the Sofort 2. We have confirmed local availability, and we expect a big demand for the Sofort 2 despite its premium price tag for a hybrid instant camera.

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