Unboxing the foxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker

Unboxing the foxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker

FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing
 FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing
Unboxing the FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker

FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker Unboxed!

When it comes to speakers people usually think that the bigger it is, the louder and better. However that’s really not true since there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to audio devices. One particular device that’s a testament to this is the FoxL V2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a bit expensive but it’s definitely the best portable speaker you will ever find in the market. In fact it will trump a lot of bigger audio systems out there.

FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker Feature List

  • Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofers
  • BassBattery / Flatmagic
  • aptX™ Bluetooth for CD-like Wireless Audio (when streaming from an aptX equipped Bluetooth device, like Apple Lion/Snow Leopard Macs, or optional aptX Bluetooth adapter)
  • AudioQuest® EVERGREEN Audio Cable for Highest Resolution Critical Listening
  • Up to 20 hours battery life
  • Special Edition Platinum Color

Check out our unboxing below. Don’t forget to read the captions!


Nice, thick, printed box

For a pretty small device the speakers come in a thick box! This is because it’s packed with a lot of accessories and extras (yay). To open just remove the plastic and then pull it out from the top. You’ll get a dual-compartment internal box with the speakers and the accessories.

FoxL v2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker Inside Box 1
The speakers are in the first compartment together with the manual, certificate, evergreen audio cable, and a black carrying pouch.
FoxL V2 Platinum Speakers Extras
The second compartment has the plugs, cables, and extra accessories.

The actual speaker looks amazing. It’s made from a mix of metal and plastic giving it a solid and premium feel. This isn’t definitely your usual portable speakers!

At the front you’ll find the Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofers, Microphone Grille, and the Bluetooth On/Off button. This button also functions as Answer/End Call if ever you connect it to your mobile phone.

foxL Platinum Bluetooth Speakers Front with matt
foxL Platinum Bluetooth Speakers with the custom matt (comes in the box)

At the back you’ll find the lanyard/wrist strap insert hole, Power On/Off button, Volume Up/Down control, and the BassBattery. You can actually pull out the grille so that it functions as some sort of stand. Pretty cool.

foxl v2 platinum back
What the back looks like. Note that you can pull out the grille to act as a kickstand.

On the sides are the audio input 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, power input (5V wall charger included in the box), Mini-USB port for charging/power via USB, and the LED Charge Indicator.

As mentioned earlier, the box also contains a bunch of accessories and extras for the foxL v2. These include the following: black branded carrying pouch, acoustic-friendly matt to bounce of the bass, evergreen 3.5mm audio cable (really good quality), wrist/lanyard strap, and a bunch of plugs and cables.

Pouch and the matt
Evergreen audio 3.5mm cable

Initial Impressions

So how does this little monster perform in the sound department? We’ve been using it for more than a week now and it definitely is ridiculously amazing. This thing is loud and it still preserves the quality of the audio! In fact I still can’t wrap my head around the idea of how powerful it is!

Connecting to it is painless and easy thanks to the Bluetooth option or if you want via the 3.5mm cable. The form factor also makes it very portable. You can quickly just put it in the pouch when not in need and stuff it in your bag. Lastly, I love the 20-hour battery life.

As far as first impressions go we’re definitely impressed with the foxL V2 Platinum Edition Bluetooth Speakers!

Pricing and Availability

The foxL V2 Platinum Edition Bluetooth Speakers are available in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box. It’s definitely pricey at Php9,995 but if you’re looking for the best portable speaker this is pretty much it.


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