5 Reasons Why the vivo V29e 5G is a Good Buy for Php 19k

5 Reasons Why the vivo V29e 5G is a Good Buy for Php 19k

vivo completes its V29 5G series lineup in the Philippines with the arrival of the V29e 5G. Unlike previous Vxxe models that felt like significantly toned-down versions of their standard Vxx siblings, the V29 5G positions itself as a proper affordable alternative to the V29 5G.

After using it for a week, we felt that vivo is in the right direction with the V29e 5G, as it’s generally better than the V27e across the board. Here are the top reasons why the V29e 5G is a good mid-range offering in the Philippines:

Finally with 5G connectivity. vivo’s Vxxe phones lack 5G connectivity, making them hard to consider for their asking price. With the V29e 5G, vivo is breaking the streak by equipping it with a Snapdragon 695 processor, which is a popular 5G mid-range chip for its segment. Aside from 5G support, the Snapdragon 695 is also decent for gaming: it can handle both Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail in medium graphics with a generally smooth gaming experience.


More RAM to spare. Aside from finally getting a 5G-ready processor, we were surprised that V29e 5G with 12GB of RAM, which is uncommon among mid-range phones–and also a first for any Vxxe model. Having more RAM onboard allows the V29e G to handle multitasking better with more apps open in the background. The extra RAM also helps with multi-tasking while running a few games with the V29e 5G as well.


Better cameras on board. One of the shortcomings of the Vxxe phones is when vivo started to omit the ultra-wide camera starting with the V25e. While it took some time for vivo to listen to users’ pleas, we’re glad to see the familiar 8-megapixel ultrawide camera make a return on the V29e 5G.

We gladly trade those filler 2-megapixel cameras for an ultra-wide camera, as it gives you added versatility when shooting photos. We also like how the V29e 5G’s ultra-wide camera has colors consistent with the main camera, which is proof that vivo is stepping up its games in improving the cameras of its mid-range phones.

The V29e 5G gets the same 50-megapixel selfie camera as the V29 G, which also has Eye Autofocus. Aside from having a higher resolution for better details, the presence of Eye Autofocus ensures that you have tack-sharp selfies with good background separation.


Full HD video AT 60FPS! While you’re not getting 4K video recording, the V29e 5G has a neat feature of letting you shoot 60FPS footage at Full HD with the main camera. Aside from letting you shoot more fluid footage, you can take advantage of the OIS on the main camera for smooth and rock-steady footage.

There are only a few mid-range phones that offer BOTH 60FPS and OIS on the main camera, and those two features help make the V29e 5G a good option for content creation.

If you want better stabilization you can switch to 30FPS and enable EIS as well for the smoothest footage even while you are shooting handheld.


A more refined Aura Light. Like the standard V29 5G, the V29e 5G also has an updated Aura Light 2.0 that is now a dedicated ring light flash and has an adjustable color temperature to let you have the right type of light when shooting portraits. We know since the V27 series how useful the Aura Light is for taking portraits, and the updated version of the Aura Light 2.0 on the V29 5G series is also brighter so that you can properly illuminate your subject even in challenging lighting conditions.

The V29e 5G is priced at Php 18,999.

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