Widget City Gets Sony SmartBand for Just Php 4,199

Widget City Gets Sony SmartBand for Just Php 4,199


Sony’s newest wearable hits the PH early courtesy of Widget City

Craving for Sony’s newest wearable, the SmartBand? Well, you won’t have to wait long. Widget City has just announced in its Facebook page that it’s managed to get Sony’s newest fitness band early, and is asking Php 4,199 for the device. The SmartBand is unique because unlike other fitness trackers, it doesn’t just track your steps, heartbeat and sleeping patterns – it also tracks almost everything you do digitally with your smartphone, including then pages you visited, games played, images taken, liked or shared and many more. It’s the perfect wearable for people who like to obsess over their stats, and hopefully this information will allow you to pinpoint how much time you spent doing what. Interested? Then you should head on over to Widget City’s Facebook page and give them a ring – only a limited number of these things will hit our shores come Monday.


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