Xiaomi Reveals 100w Wireless Charging Stand

by Duey Guison  August 16, 2021

While we know Xiaomi is leading the way with wireless charging, the Chinese brand revealed a follow-up to last year’s 80w wireless charging stand with an even more powerful 100w wireless charging stand.

Despite looking similar to the 80w wireless charging stand prototype revealed last year (and eventually becoming available for purchase), the 100w wireless charging stand is an actual product you can buy––even if only a handful of phones support 100w wireless charging.

Carrying the model name MIDY-13-EL (the older 80w version is model number MDY-13-ED), the 100w wireless charging stand has a design that lets you place any device that supports wireless charging in a vertical or horizontal position. Like the 80w version, the 100w wireless charging stand supports standard Qi charging standards and has a dual-coil design and a dynamic fan that operates when wireless charging at high wattages.

Like the 80w wireless charging stand last year, the 100w wireless charging stand comes with a 120w Xiaomi charger and a special 6A USB cable. Being a newer design, Xiaomi added an additional current calibration protection layer while retaining its predecessor’s e over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, electrostatic protection, and foreign object detection sensors.

In terms of aesthetics, the 100w wireless charging stand sports a black and gold motif instead of the white and gold motif used on the 80w version.

If you are interested to grab one for the sake of futureproofing, Xiaomi will be selling the 100w wireless charging stand on August 16 in China for CNY 599(~Php 4.7k). There’s no word yet on global availability.

In all honesty, it is strange why Xiaomi announced this product considering that the fastest wireless charging speed in the market is 67w with the Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro. The older 80w version is still available for CNY 499(~Php 3.9k), so we do not know who is the target market for this 100w wireless charging stand.


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