Zendure SuperTank Pro Arrives in the Philippines

Once traveling is deemed to be safe, you would like to bring along a power bank that is capable of topping up your laptop AND is allowed on planes, right? If you are looking for that perfect power bank for traveling, the Zendure SuperTank Pro is THAT power bank, and it is available in the Philippines via Digital Walker.

This giant power bank comes with an aluminum alloy case and boasts of a 26800mAh (96.48wHr) battery, which is the maximum allowable power bank size for airplanes–current airline regulations limit power banks to 27000mAh or 100wHr.

Going back to the SuperTank Pro, this humongous beast has four USB-C ports. Two of them can handle USB-PD charging of up to 100w, which is good enough to juice up big ultrabooks like the MacBook Pro 16-inch, ROG Zephyrus G14, and ROG Flow X13. The other two USB-C ports, on the other hand, provides 18w USB-PD charging, which should be good for most smartphones and tablets in the market.

With two USB-PD ports that can handle up to 100w, the SuperTank Pro can charge two laptops simultaneously, making it great for doing collabs while you are far away from an outlet. Aside from that, the SuperTank Pro has pass-through charging, allowing you to top it up while outputting power to other USB-C devices simultaneously.

To stay on top of your charging information, the SuperTank Pro has an OLED display that displays data like remaining capacity and power output being delivered to your device (per port). As a top-end power bank, the SuperTank Pro has 9-layers of protection, along with a TI battery fuel gauge for optimal power management. It also has upgradable firmware to ensure the best compatibility with the latest devices.

Zendure SuperTank Pro Price Philippines

The Zendure SuperTank Pro is priced at Php 8,990 and is available at Digital Walker’s HomeOffice eCommerce store, in their official Lazada store, and select Digital Walker stores nationwide.

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