2024 iPad Air Will Be Coming in Two Sizes

2024 iPad Air Will Be Coming in Two Sizes

Looks like the rumors about the next-generation iPad Air are true after all: For its 2024 line of iPads (and Apple’s first iPad announcement since 2022), there will be a 12.9-inch iPad Air that will accompany the usual 11-inch model that we are all familiar with since the 4th-generation iPad Air.


The original iPad Pro 11 from 2018, which eventually became the basis for the 4th-generation iPad Air.

Considering that Apple already has a 12.9-inch iPad Pro in its lineup, offering a more affordable version might help accommodate a new breed of customers who want a larger iPad but don’t necessarily need all of the features of the iPad Pro.

What’s interesting is that the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Air has roughly the same dimensions as the iPad Pro of the same size. This was the same case with the 4th-generation iPad Air in 2020, where its dimensions are roughly based on the 1st-generation iPad Pro 11. Do expect the 12.9-inch to stick with an LCD panel–since the 2024 iPad Pros will be debuting OLED displays.

Speaking of the 2024 iPad Pro, their shift to OLED displays means that they will be thinner than their predecessors. We expect the 2024 iPad Pro to have both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models and rock M3 processors–while we assume that the 2024 iPad Air will most likely use an M2 processor to distinguish itself from the Pro models. 


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