Acer SpatialLabs Is An Adjustable 3D Technology For Gamers

Acer SpatialLabs Is An Adjustable 3D Technology For Gamers

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a major event where the world’s largest tech companies showcase the latest developments they have engineered for consumers. This year is no different – yet one brand used a portion of it to double down on a rapidly-developing technology of theirs. Acer is back again with SpatialLabs 3D which used to be just a quirky feature that allowed you play games with no 3D glasses. In this year’s presentation, the brand discussed how they’ve improved it even further.

Before we forget, we’ll put the technology’s full name here: it’s the Acer SpatialLabs Stereoscopic TrueGame 3D Experience. That’s a mouthful. Last year, it was a big deal to have high-quality stereoscopic 3D that you could just activate with the flick of a switch. In order to have this feature though, your device needed to have high-end specifications and a meaty amount of memory.

Now it seems that the company’s focus isn’t only to make it more powerful, but also more efficient with resources. Addressing the first point is the aforementioned 3D mode that pops the content out of the screen. Since the game devs fill out the 3D information themselves for all their models and sprites, compatibility isn’t much of an issue for the games that support it. This is a feature that can be added later on and toggled from a menu, so games that have already been released can hop onboard if its devs are willing.

For those with cutting-edge specs on their systems and want to push the boundaries on Acer SpatialLabs 3D technology, 3D Ultra mode is available. It performs individual renders for each of your eyes and delivers full geometric 3D info that is more detailed than ever before. It’s like the items fully come to life instead of looking like three-dimensional versions of 2D sprites. The hope here is that this raises the immersion of the experience tenfold.

For those with less powerful systems or feel sick after the 3D experience, it can be toned down a bit thanks to adjustable 3D depth. That’s impressive.

How’s support? Well, last year, fifty titles were announced to be part of this program. That number has jumped to 65 and Acer commits that they’re in continuous discussions with game developers to bring this number closer to the triple digits. Keep in mind that these aren’t only indie titles but also full-fledged triple-A games.

For those who’d like to talk to their fellow Acer SpatialLabs Stereoscopic TrueGame 3D Experience users, a forum will be made available within the TrueGame servers for players and developers to get in touch. With this, the company strives for an active community of constructive feedback and improvement for the technology moving forward. Those who want to find other 3D comrades to play games with can also find new friends here.

Acer SpatialLabs 3D tech has gone quite a long way. Should they work out the kinks here, the potential is limitless – especially for virtual worlds and the like.



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