Apple Lang Sakalam: iPhone Destroys Android In The US

Apple Lang Sakalam: iPhone Destroys Android In The US

The verdict is out: in Q3 of 2022, Apple iPhone sales absolutely demolished Android devices, effectively taking up more than 50% market share in the US for the first time ever. Here’s the breakdown.

A report by Counterpoint Research declares that the “active installed base” of smartphones in use at the moment. It continues to state that Apple devices now account for the majority, effectively outnumbering Android devices currently in consumers’ hands. That’s an impressive feat considering that Android is an OS and not a brand, pitting Apple in a lone fight against companies like Samsung, realme, and other giants.

Understandably, using the “active installed base” is a fairer metric than shipment/sales numbers due to differences in launch dates and release items. This also manages to include the average Joe who sells his Android device to buy a secondhand iPhone, because purchases from the Apple store and services are nearly inevitable at some point in time. Profit margins for these are estimated to be at 70%, an overwhelming gap over the devices’ 36-37%.

Apple has effectively created an ecosystem that is smooth but also gathers willing spenders – often becoming the butt of jokes for other brands. However, the company is just laughing its way to another massive payday.

In terms of global smartphone sales, Apple takes 57% of world sales at the $400 and above price point, while they more or less have a monopoly over $1000 at 78%.

It appears that Apple is keeping momentum and it’s not looking to slow down. With the release of the iPhone 14 line incoming, these coming days might be looking a bit grim for Android.



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