Bayantel Flunks NTC’s DSL Speed Testing

Bayantel Flunks NTC’s DSL Speed Testing

And to Think This was at the NTC HQ!

The National Telecommunications Commission finally started doing speed tests to verify the speed claims of the various telcos for their DSL services. The first test that they did last Thursday was held at their main office and they checked if PLDT, Globe, Sky, and Bayantel would be able to reach their advertised speeds. Among all the telcos, Bayantel was the one that really flunked big time.

The results can be found in the news report that ABS-CBN filed which we’ve embedded above for your viewing pleasure. We’ve also summarized their results below.

PLDT: 3.367 Mbps (PASS)
SKY: 2.818 Mbps (COMPLIANT)
BAYANTEL: 0.563 Mbps (FAIL)

In a statement, Bayantel said that the tests could have been inaccurate because of the various factors that could have affected the speed.

“There is reason to believe that it may not present an accurate reading of our service to our customers.” -Bayantel

The NTC will do another series of tests this October in various locations that the telcos don’t know. The results of the tests will be published in daily papers and sent out via media alerts to the press.

We initially were doubtful of this initiative by the NTC. However it looks like it’s turning out to be a shame campaign for telcos not living up to their advertised speeds. We’re definitely excited to see the results that will come out next month, hehe. 😛

PS: The NTC will move on to do mobile Internet testing later this year. Now that one is something that a lot of people are looking forward to seeing.

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