DITO Telecom Hits Goal Of 12M Subscribers, Months Before Target

DITO Telecom Hits Goal Of 12M Subscribers, Months Before Target

We had a sit-down discussion with DITO Telecom’s Brand and Marketing Director Jasper Evangelista earlier this year, where he explained to us the company’s goal of 12 million subscribers by 2023. We mentioned back then that this was an optimistic goal since they were at 9 million back then. However, the brand saw exponential growth despite legal issues which propelled them to this goal, well over 3 months in advance. DITO Telecom officially has 12 million subscribers and increasing, as of August 26.

“The overwhelming reception we get from DITOzens has always served as inspiration. Their unwavering support has continued to motivate us to remain committed to our promise of providing every Filipino better, stronger, and more affordable connectivity they deserve,” according to DITO Telecommunity Chief Administrative Officer Adel A. Tamano.

DITO Telecom is doing its best to meet its rapid increase in subscribers. More than 5,500 cellular towers have been built to accommodate network traffic, with a coverage of over 600 cities and municipalities. They have officially breached their 70% population coverage target.

The brand then goes on to explain that while other rival telcos may have deployed 5G first, theirs relies on their existing 4G network in order to achieve this. DITO Telecom offers 5G connectivity to its subscribers via standalone deployments that are truly developed for faster, far more advanced technology. According to company representatives, this leads to greater capacity, wider coverage, and faster connection than ever before.

DITO Telecom’s retail products have also been hits with consumers. You can check out the value proposition of their prepaid offerings here. Their Home WiFi has also proven to be a reliable option in comparison to other ISPs locally available – with up to 500 Mbps network speeds for affordable prices.

Despite this success, DITO Telecom remains firm in its commitment to serve its subscribers to the best of its abilities. The company will continue to improve upon their infrastructure in order to pay back those who believed in them and have supported them from day one.

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