Here’s How an Artificial Intelligence Powered Bot Crushed a World DOTA Champion

Here’s How an Artificial Intelligence Powered Bot Crushed a World DOTA Champion

The possibilities with AI is endless.

Do you guys remember that moment where a supercomputer defeated a World Champion in chess?

To refresh your memory, I am referring to IBM’s Deep Blue Computer defeating World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in a match under tournament regulations in 1997, with a final score of 3 ½ – 2 ½.

Fast forward to today, supercomputers have evolved to a whole new level—this time in the form of Artificial Intelligence. This time around, the game involved is DoTA—the It game of this generation.

During Valve’s annual DoTA 2 tournament, crowd favorite Danylo Ishutin, a pro in the E-Sports field, got owned in a live 1-vs-1 match against OpenAI, a startup that is backed by Elon Musk. Engineers claimed that OpenAI just only took two weeks to learn the moves from the best DoTA players. Musk, a strong advocate of AI, hailed the feat. He also credited Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform for the processing power the AI needed.

With this development, only innovation and technology can tell where AI can be used in our lives. But for now, the next goal is to design OpenAI to slay DoTA players in a 5-vs-5 match. Who knows, we might be able to use AI to do better in life, but let’s hope it will not reach a point that AI is, as Musk would put it, “a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization.


Source: The Verge

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